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Kairowe's Application

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1 Kairowe's Application on Fri Nov 13, 2015 8:42 pm

In Game name: Kairowe
First Name: Cienna
Experience: None

Answers for Questions
1."Why would you be a better moderator than many other people?"
I believe I would be a better moderator than other people is because I have played Minecraft for a long time and I believe that I have stay strict to good, no bad stuff like dating, cussing etc. Neutral And I also believe that Minecraft is for everyone from little to older and shouldn't be immature and should be just fun!
2."What qualities does a good staff member have?"
Some good qualities staff member have is they should always be nice! Smile Being nice gets you far! They should also be a little strict with the rules if someone is not following them. Staff members should always answer questions even if they don't want to. They should also be on the server A LOT!! And they shouldn't just be in the lobby. THEY SHOULD ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAME!!! Something that is really important is that they should encourage other people to go onto the server. More people, the bigger the server gets.
And those are some qualities a good staff member should have!
Thank you for reading my application and have a good day!

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