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TheTeddyBearKing's Application

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1 TheTeddyBearKing's Application on Sun Feb 01, 2015 11:36 pm

Minecraft In-Game Name: TheTeddyBearKing

First Name: Chris

I have been staff on a server called LegendsRealm, I was Head-Mod and the server went down.
I was owner to a server called VacinityNetwork which I hosted personally for about a week but noticed it was frying my motherboard.

I am a co-owner/admin on a server called MinimalMinecraft. It is up right now.

I am not Owner of a server right now.

I have a lot of experience with plugins and minecraft itself, and have invested over 700 hours. I am experienced with skyblock so I know many surroundings with it including problems that players may have. I do know how to configure most config files for plugins.

They must be polite yet forcefull, they need to have knowlege of plugins and be able to handle situations in a calm manor. They also must be active. I will be active for most of the time.

One last thing. I am currently getting into advanced web design including PHP, Ruby, and Python.

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