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Monkybone_'s Application

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1 Monkybone_'s Application on Fri Jul 31, 2015 3:19 am

Monkybone_'s Application.


No experience. XD
List the servers that you are staff on right now including the position., I am a chatmod

List all of the servers that you own right now.
I aint got no servers
Why would you be a better moderator than many other people?
I have experience in being a chat-mod on the server, I am aiming to become [Moderator], I have played for almost 3 years now, I am close with other staff members and can engage someone in a calm, and welcoming manner. I would really enjoy more of a challenge becoming [Moderator] because after around 5 months (of the new server), it gets boring, and dull, and I need more of a challenge.

What qualities does a good staff member have?
Has to be helpful, kind, willing to do anything to make the server better, gotta help everyone, you have to be respectful, and always take peoples opinions in respect. Be polite, Don't criticize someone on how they act/are, don't be racist/judgemental of peoples race/color.

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2 Re: Monkybone_'s Application on Thu Aug 06, 2015 8:57 pm

There's Moderator already? Wow. Very Happy

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