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Plebi's Application

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1 Plebi's Application on Fri Sep 19, 2014 10:07 pm

<br />Staff Application<br />

Plebi's Application


  • MC IGN: Plebi

  • First Name:Eugene




I've had experience in the server Requiem
in which the user Skyblazer252was the owner. My rank was
admin dubbed "Lord" among 4 others in which 7 admins were the max.

I had also been a moderator on the follow up server "Cityscape" after the first one flopped.
Honestly, however, I was promptly demoted for cheating in money and releasing it into
the server's economy.
Following both of the server's disconnection, I've had no
other forms of experience.


I currently am not of position of staff on any server.

I also do not own any servers nor have I ever - excluding VPN servers.


Why would you be a better moderator than many other people?

I understand that the staff title does tickle pink a great amount of people thus strengthening the competition. Personally, I'm unique due to the fact I have experience in coding. This could prove
useful in regards to building the server on a technical term such as plugin developing. I have learned
of the faults in my past actions from being amongst the staff and have no desire to repeat it. I wish
to aid the server to the best of my ability by revealing exploits, diminishing routy players, and
instilling any form of action that induces morals.

What qualities does a good staff member have?

My answer is entirely subjective. I personally believe that an acceptable staff member sides
with the good of the server. Power trips are absolutely out of the question. In the event
of an inter-player dispute, both sides of the story is to be heard in which the final course
of action is entirely up to the staff. Good judgement is vital as well.

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