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Jemboku Basara: Chapter 1

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1Jemboku Basara: Chapter 1 Empty Jemboku Basara: Chapter 1 on Mon Sep 26, 2016 8:54 pm


The year was 1677. Just of the coast of Hawaii was a thriving country called Terimarivia, also known as TMV. TMV was home to many strong warriors, each with unique weapons and fighting styles. Currently, TMV was united under about 30 main generals, each with anywhere between 10-100,000 troops. These sub-armies were ruled for thousands of years under the Vid Dynasty, but today, everything was about to change.

The current ruler, Matt Vid, was a nice, charismatic man. However, he had a bad habit of trying to make everyone happy at once. Under his rule, TMV started out as one of the happiest places on Earth, but over time, Matt became increasing stressed, causing his patience to wear thin. Eventually, he was forced to pick sides, favoring some generals over others.

Obviously, tension grew in TMV as Matt constantly favored the same generals time and time again. Eventually, one army decided to revolt.

The Southern Army, ruled by Prince Jemmadiah, marched towards the capital of Tweedle. Along with his head stategist, Bot, and his army of 7,000 soldiers, Jem easily stormed into the capital. It was currently a time of peace, so there were only about 200 guards. At this point, 197 of those guards have been mercilessly slaughtered.

Matt Vid: Wally, it looks like it's up to me to fend off the Southern Army. Jemmadiah will be here any minute.

Wally: But sire! We still have time to escape. Facing that army alone is suicide!

Matt Vid: No, Wally, I already committed suicide when I failed to please the people of TMV. I have failed as a leader. I brought this on myself.

Wally: Sire...

Matt Vid: Listen. This will be my final order. There should be two guards escorting my daughter to safety underground. I want you to follow them and raise Alith into a fine leader.

Wally: Understood!

Wally took down the painting in the back of the throne room and jumped through a secret entrance to pursue Alith.

Wally: (It's such a shame. Alith is not even a true Vid, and yet all this responsibility is being pushed on her at the young age of 16. It's sad, but she may be the only one able to save TMV.)

2Jemboku Basara: Chapter 1 Empty Re: Jemboku Basara: Chapter 1 on Mon Sep 26, 2016 9:42 pm


Good Chapter. Hoping for Chapter 2 soon Very Happy

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