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Super_Blok_Man application

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1Super_Blok_Man application Empty Super_Blok_Man application on Sun Jan 22, 2017 3:47 am


Minecraft in-game name:


First name:


Number of servers besides TMV.ZONE that I play on regularly:

There is only one other server I ever play on which is a pixelmon server and even then I do not play much on (rcpixelmon)

Servers I am staff on right now (including ranks and the names of the server. Do not include donor ranks and do not include the IPs of the servers.):

I am not currently staff on any server because i did not desire to be staff on any of them,Mostly because before I found T.M.V. it was just money begging owners that didn't know how to run an actual server

Why I would make a better staff member than most other people:

The reason I would make a better staff then most other people is because in the past I admit I have made mistakes but I did learn from those mistakes and haven't made said mistakes again, I also think I would make a better chat mod then most other people because when other players who are on the server and are new or have played before make a mistake I do inform them and warn them to stop, most other people let these trouble makers slide by and do not follow the rules themselves

That is why I think I should get chat-mod
    Thank you for your time and consideration

2Super_Blok_Man application Empty Re: Super_Blok_Man application on Mon Jan 23, 2017 3:14 pm


Good luck!

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