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Caterpillar Island Chapter Zero: Prologue

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1Caterpillar Island Chapter Zero: Prologue Empty Caterpillar Island Chapter Zero: Prologue on Sat May 05, 2018 10:05 pm


The year was 2048. Throughout the first half of the 21st century, the world underwent what is now known as the Elemental Revolution. It all started when scientists in Lankydale tinkered with a flamethrower, trying to store the flames into other solid objects. The results were extraordinary! At first, there were jet packs and flaming swords, but pretty soon, other elements were being tested on as well.

By 2048, society was incredibly advanced. There were hovercrafts, rooms made of water, and even people injecting themselves with elements to enhance their bodies. While magic was still but a fairy tale, this was pretty darn close.

However, large amounts of new power could very easily turn unstable. In recent years, people started abusing their elemental strength to gain money, land, and followers. People became gangs, and gangs became armies. Before long, most of the world was in chaos, completely destroying the advanced society that was just created.

Now, only a few armies remained, struggling for dominance. In order to gain power, generals would send their scouts to uncharted waters in order to acquire land, kill enemies, and recruit potential soldiers.

???: Ugh, the commander must really be mad at me this time if she's sending me all the way out here!

A young man with silver hair, crystal blue eyes, and a thin suit of teal armor was sailing across the Atlantic. The only thing was, he had no boat. It was almost like he was skiing on the water, leaving what seemed like ice in his path.

???: There it is!

The mysterious fellow pointed at a small blur in the distance.

???: Caterpillar Island!

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