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application for ChatMod

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1 application for ChatMod on Mon Jun 29, 2015 1:38 am


Name: Roger Warner

Username: BigRoge_01

I have never been an admin for any other server except for being head builder and being on build teams for TMV

I would be a good moderator because i have been patient, kind, helpful and been making people happy when i step in to assist people and have been called a good friend by "many" people for my kindness and helping others in bad situations.

"But i will say i have my drawbacks when my patience is broken i can really be mean to those who have broken it of which it can be easily done it just depends on my mood at times... You won't like me if i have to bring out my mean ginger side..."

But aside from all that I've been a TMV veteran for quite some time being a lowlife when i first started always found trouble (mostly with mods, admins and donors...) also broke some pretty bad rules... but aside from all that i feel i have redeemed myself from all of those and have been helping most of the folks here on TMV and also been helping along side the chatmods by keeping a bit of order and respect and keeping the chat clean "at times that is." But push comes to shove i am glad to be called a friend to all, someone who can step in to help and comfort those in bad times. But aside from all that i am just a normal minecraft player looking to have fun and help but i surely do not! want to feel i have more power over the others i just want to be treated as a normal player is all i ask.

Thank You For Reading i hope i can have a chance to become a chatmod

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