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The TMV Do's And Don'ts

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1 The TMV Do's And Don'ts on Mon Apr 25, 2016 10:04 pm

I've noticed that the Random Conversation has been getting popular lately. So I've thought about bringing up a topic like this on the Server Discussion section!
I don't think I have to explain the whole idea of the topic, since it's all on the title. Buuuut I'll do it anyways.
So, here we will list the TMV do's, and don'ts so that we could learn about the server more, and less muting happens!
So what do you think we should be doing in TMV?
What do you think we shouldn't be doing on TMV?
Leave your questions, your Do's and Don'ts ideas (with why we should do and do not) down below!
Here are my Do's and Don'ts.
Do: Help others when they are confused. This will increase the chance of these players coming on more!
Don't: Don't ignore others. This will hurt player's feelings, and they would feel less special. This would make them feel as if they are invisible, so they wouldn't like the server much!

Anyways, I'd like to say this is an amazing community. I know I'm not one of the SENIOR senior people on TMV, but I've been here for a long time, too. I liked watching this server grow, and fill with happy players. I'd liked it more if my friend played on here more, though!
There were times of sadness, and times of happiness. When sadness came, we fought it together... helping each other to fend off the depression. (For those Fairy Tail fans out there, the server is like Fairy Tail! All the other guilds, are just sucky xD)
I can't wait to see TMV grow into an amazing server. I believe that one day, this server will grow big, and it will become popular. I love you all, that made this community a happy place! I hope Matt will continue this.... I hope the server doesn't fall apart...

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2 Re: The TMV Do's And Don'ts on Mon Apr 25, 2016 10:10 pm

Just saying, I've actually put most of my emotions about TMV on this post. There are people posting these kinds of things because they love Matt because of this wonderful community! This actually was gonna turn out as a Do's And Don'ts but it kinda turned into a fanmail to Matt. Well, I hope you don't really mind. I think reading this "Emotion Writing" would touch your hearts (okay, that just sounds wrong).
I really, never knew such a small server could play big in someone's life. Even though I can't get on much now, I'd still try my best. For all of you out there wondering if you should join this server, do it! You would never regret your choice.
Oh man, now I see that I've just written so many... emotions down on here. The post is getting really long, too.

No matter what happens, I'd love the server. Even if I threaten to leave the server, it will stay on my mind. I don't know why, though. But it's not addiction.
It's love.

-from the emotion writer, bang- xD

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