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apply for chatmod

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1 apply for chatmod on Wed Aug 26, 2015 9:19 pm

hi I would like to apply for chatmod
minecraft name xXPr0Hax0rXx
name mark

age 13
I do not own any servers
I am currently staff on 2 VolcanoPvP Admin sexypvp helper
I am very active
I would be a better moderator than others because I have lots of skill of being staff
moderators should be
I was admin on 4servers only had 10 20  people  helper on 2servers moderator on 3servers I got demoted from most of them from  not coming on cause my account got hacked so  I didn't play for a year I  quit helper on one because the admins  were threatening me I would love to be chatmod on tmv the staff seems nice  I hope I get
staff I play a lot I hope I get staff this looks like an awesome server

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