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Tube Social Recruitment - "The Great Migration" via Omegle

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As this forum is still relatively new and the member count is low, more members are needed to raise the quality of the experience users have. That is why I have started this recruitment topic.

The idea is to visit and look for people interested in joining this forum. This website does not require signing up. When you click the link, type in one of your interests as "youtube" and hit the enter key on your keyboard. You may also list other interests you have to bring people with the same interests as you to this forum. When you are done with that, start the chat by clicking the "text" button. After this, you will be chatting anonymously to someone across the internet. Share with them the link:

*Things to keep in mind:
-As you are advertising, it is helpful to not give them the link right away so that the target knows that you are a "down to earth" person.
-You might be talking to any single person across the world. This person might be normal, nasty, or rude. The person might also swear.
-You are on there anonymously. If you encounter a person who makes you feel uncomfortable, you have the option to disconnect at any time. This person will never be able to find you again.

Send me a PM to ask me any sort of questions you might have!  Smile
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