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Ban Appeal.

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1Ban Appeal. Empty Ban Appeal. on Sun Mar 27, 2016 8:13 pm


Mack_Inc's Appeal

Username: Mack_Inc
What I did wrong: I was saying stuff I should not have been saying to everyone on the server. I was calling everyone stupid and was being absolutely rude and disrespectful to everyone. I was using someone else's account and paying myself their money when they were asleep, I made everyone mad. And I'm so very sorry.
Punishment I was given: Permanent Ban.
Why I want the punishment removed: I played tmv for nearly 5 years now. I have donated over 875$. I have spent hours just trying to be the best. I have people on tmv that i can trust and rely on. I love tmv, It will always be my favorite server. Matt. I'm sorry for everything I've done.
How I will fix my mistakes: If I get unbanned. I'll be giving away all of my items on every sky block, and Minia. I'll be respectful to players. I will listen to the players and will hold my tongue if I do not agree to what they say. I will listen to staff. And I will do exactly what they say, No questions asked. I will do my part on the server and help it grow. I will welcome all newcomers to tmv and help them get started. I will be my old self again and hopefully get my job back as chatmod. But that probably won't happen, But I'll try my best anyways. I had the motivation until I have gotten banned. Hopefully If i get unbanned. I'll make a push to get better even stronger than before! I'll be my normal hyperactive nice cheery monky again! I'm sorry for making this long, And I'm sorry for everything I've done to hurt everyone, Thank you for taking your time to read all of this. I hope you unban me...

2Ban Appeal. Empty Re: Ban Appeal. on Sun Mar 27, 2016 8:17 pm


that was long xD

3Ban Appeal. Empty Re: Ban Appeal. on Sun Mar 27, 2016 11:26 pm


I just hope it works so I can see my friends D:

4Ban Appeal. Empty Re: Ban Appeal. on Mon Mar 28, 2016 12:42 am


It really was long lol
I hope you get unbanned ;-;

5Ban Appeal. Empty Re: Ban Appeal. on Mon Mar 28, 2016 1:44 am


When judging an appeal, I ask myself 3 questions:
1. Are they owning up to their mistakes?
2. Do they genuinely think they have done something wrong, or are they just sorry that they got caught?
3. Are they going to keep doing what got them in trouble in the first place?

For #1, you did a very good job. You get straight to the point and own up to most of the things that you have done. You also didn't try to make fake excuses.

#2 is a tough one for me. Apologizing for doing bad things while doing other bad things behind my back certainly convinces me that the initial apology wasn't sincere. It was a breach of trust. How can I even trust that this apology is sincere at all? I have no idea. Maybe you are being serious, but this has turned into a classic case of the boy who cried wolf. I just don't have the confidence to take your word for it right now.

#3 is similar to #2. My biggest problem over the last few days was your overall intolerance of many of the players on the server. You came back on the server saying you were trying harder than ever to be a nicer person, but meanwhile, you were nastier than before to the players. Something over the last year has turned you into some teenage bully ringleader, sort of like Nelson from the Simpsons, where you pick a small group of friends who are "good enough for you" and turn everyone else into your enemy, even if they are just looking to be friendly and play in peace. If I unban you, will you even still have the patience left to tolerate playful kids and teens on my server? Will you drop this whole "I'm better than everyone else" act? Will you report exploits and unfair advantages on the server? On Tuesday, January 12th, you attempted to dupe on anarchy. I do not know whether you were successful or not, because I was not there, but you have still yet to even own up for that, claiming that you would never try something like that. It's just hard for me to tell what's the truth and what's not any more when you have lied to my face so much.

All in all, the appeal was great, but the trust is already shattered. Since, your appeal was a quality appeal, I will at least lower the period of the ban. Instead of being unbanned never, you will now be unbanned on the first day of Summer this year.

Send me a PM to ask me any sort of questions you might have!  Smile

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