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Newbie c:

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1Newbie c: Empty Newbie c: on Tue Sep 23, 2014 8:26 pm


Well hi there cx. I'm Savanah. I'm 14. I'm this one girl that adores dragons, wolfs, dark colors, video games, 4 wheeling and ski-doo Shocked All started when i started getting this thing called depression-(BLEH) because of thing called bullying-(BLEH). Long story short. Music+Amazing online friends+gaming=all good. Now enough of that sad stuff =P. Today well. all i can say is that well.. I'm this bubbly person who loves pokemon, minecraft, skyrim and zombie games =p That's all c:

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Cool. Can't wait for more of your awesomeness.

Enjoy your time here. Also, ask about anything that you need help on. Very Happy

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