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The 2012 Rivvy Awards

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1 The 2012 Rivvy Awards on Sat Jun 23, 2012 3:45 pm

This is the award event for YouTube. Rivvys categories can be for videos, web series, or channels.

Event Dates:

CATEGORY DISCUSSION (September and October)
Different categories to include in the event will be discussed and picked.

NOMINATIONS (October and November)
People can make nominations for each category. The 6 in each category to be nominated the most will be officially nominated.

VOTING BEGINS (December 1st)
People will be able to vote once for each category from their 6 options in each.

VOTING ENDS (December 28th)

THE RESULTS (December 31st)
The winners of each category will be announced on the forum. If the number of voters exceeds 1000, I will make a 2012 Rivvy Awards video to display the results.

1. YouTube Poop of the Year
2. Animated Video of the Year
3. YouTube Series of the Year
4. Parody Video of the Year
5. Animated Series of the Year
6. YouTube Video of the Year
7. Comedy Video of the Year
7. Let's Play Series of the Year
8. Vlog Series of the Year
9. Inspirational Video of the Year
10. Comedy Series of the Year

1. YouTuber of the Year
2. YouTube Comedian of the Year
3. Let's Play Gamer of the Year
4. Vlogger of the Year

1. Actor of the Year
2. Actress of the Year

Send me a PM to ask me any sort of questions you might have!  Smile
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