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Foxcia's Chatmod Application (Updated)

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1 Foxcia's Chatmod Application (Updated) on Wed Sep 28, 2016 1:26 am

Minecraft In-Game Name: Foxcia

First Name: Katelyn

Experience: I used to be a admin on a small server. But that server closed two years ago. Other than that, I haven't had much experience.

I'm not staff on any servers right now, and I do not own a server.


Q: Why would you be a better moderator than many other people?

A: I am a mature person for my age, I can handle tuff situations well. I am not doing this for the fancy Chatmod tag. I am doing this because I love TMV and I would like to generally help out. If I do not get staff I will always gladly help out and I will not chuck tissie fits like other players if I do not receive a staff rank. I used to have a bad temper, and I would get mad at others often. I have learned to control that alot better now. As you have seen I can handle situations better than I have ever been able too. Just because I had a bad past repuation at TMV.ZONE doesn't mean that I couldn't turn it around. With the help of you and Bethi I was able to realise that revenge isn't the answer to all my problems, neither was swearing or getting mad. I now know how to handle bad situations without getting angry. I have become a better person. I enjoy making new friends and helping others.

Q: What qualities does a good staff member have?

A: A good staff member should always be able to help players when in need. It's no use having a staff member that cannot help people. A good staff member should always be respectful too.

If you give me a chance at this I won't let you down Matt! But even if you don't pick me, TMV.ZONE will always be my home server.  Razz

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2 Re: Foxcia's Chatmod Application (Updated) on Wed Sep 28, 2016 1:35 am

Pretty good Application. It's perfect! Good luck Fox

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3 Re: Foxcia's Chatmod Application (Updated) on Mon Dec 19, 2016 5:09 pm

Congrats on getting Chat Mod!! Very Happy

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