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What Would You Do If You Only Owned...? [FORUM GAME]

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It's high time for another forum game! This one I came up with myself! The idea is to give the next poster one item, and then that poster will say what they would do if that was the only item he/she owned. Here's an example:

44jem44 - Umbrella

El_Ejemplo - I would go full Mary Poppins mode and let the wind whisk me off into the sunset. I would explore the world and live a carefree life.

That's pretty much it. I hope you guys enjoy it. I'll start.

Boogie board

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Let's See I'd take it to the beach Try and surf on it then fail falling on my butt Very Happy

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What's the topic
the last word was butt though...

my topic
for the person posting below is


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I'd sing Very Melon all day and spread the word of melon.

An acorn themed park

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I'd start getting rid of the squirrels that come there

A time machine

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P.S. Jem I love your Forum Games btw xD

(I had to repeat the topic because... well you'd know why...)
A Time Machine

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Id travel back in time and uhm do things with the time machine? Idk what you would do. Im trying to stay within the right boundaries. So yeah

A really boring car dealership?

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Idk... I'd try to improve my car dealership... thingy.. because it's too boring.
Maybe even sell a car xD

A Unicorn (lol)

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Id ride my unicorn into the sunset looking fabulous as ever


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I will sell it, get the money, and buy more towels, and sell them. Once I get enough, I'll buy a house and um.. get a better job than selling towels XD

A super glue that can never come off

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Id attach it to houses and people so they can never leave?

a Redwood tree

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hM... maybe ill sell it... or grow more xD idk what to do with a redwood tree xD

The statue of liberty (you somehow magically stole it)

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Sit on it and kill birds for food XD

A chewit packet.

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sell it.. get more... sell it again, get more, keep doing that until I can get a proper job xD

A poisonous juice box

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I'd use to poison my enemies >Very Happy hahahah yeah no i'd just drink it... poisonous or not XD

Cry Baby Album? XD

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I'd nonestop listen to it because hell yeah, Melanie is awesome.

A computer that you cannot get minecraft on (addiction issues)

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I'd smash my head with it cause yeah.....

A pillow case

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I'd just... collect feathers or balls of fluff I don't know where it came from
and stuff it in the pillow case
I might just have gotten the wrong meaning of it XD

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Flying Watermelon Traps

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;-; I'd just... uh... eat watermelons..

a cheese buddy (that's alive)

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I'd hide him in my attic. until a virus happened. then i'd eat him >:>

A doll

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I'm not sure. But I'd probably keep it in my closet because one day, it'll come alive and kill me in my sleep.

A romantic... cream cheese

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Meow uh Kiss it then eat it?


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Have a baget fight with ali cuz I'm bored XD

a useless little brother that plays youtube all day long and hits you for no reason
(from personal experiences)

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I'd use him for excuses to get my way? XD

Flying turtles

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