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DataUnknown's Application for Chatmod on TMV.ZONE

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Username: DataUnknown
First name: Evan
I play on about 4 servers regularly
I am not currently staff on any servers, but I do have quite alot of experience helping people and monetering the chat.
I think I would make better staff than other people because I can understand people very well and help anyone in need of helping. As i have had experience on other servers, I understand the inportance of keeping chat family-friendly, and I am also a very mature person and not a jerk to anyone.
I have subscribed to your channel, and i enjoy watching your videos.

Yours sincerely,

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Nice application. Good luck to you!

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I feel like if you spaced out your Application a bit more.. It'd look a bit nicer cause It's hard to read and understand cause it's so smashed together..

But Still Great Application and Good luck! Very Happy

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