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Dunno Why I'm Posting This. But This Will Be Fun To Read Though

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This post, has been inspired by the "TMV Do's And Don'ts" topic. I wanted to say more about how great the server is, but in a more organized way.

I think everyone would like to say this,  but they don't have the much courage to do it. But I think I did.
I won't only say that this server is the best. I will say it as much detail as possible! (I am actually a good writer)
Like in life, there is a sunshine, so brighten your day. But when darkness falls, there is a moon; a speck of light is always there.
No no no, that's too deep... and too used often... :/
I don't want to bore you, okay!

I hope y'all enjoy reading this. I enjoy reading "I Love TMV" topics. So you should too.
Think of all the things that has happened on the server. Isn't it amazing how we went through them? Depression, happiness, they are all emotions. We felt them all the way through the server, yet we haven't left the server.
If this was like the other servers, people would leave. But there is a unique thing. Funny, eh? It's like some magic, pulling us into this wonderland. Matt is the wizard that has done it. And we all hope he will continue this. Did you know that I'm saying the server is great, but in a more detailed, emotion way? This is how writers touch people's hearts. When I grow up, I want to be a writer. WAIT WAIT WAIT, I need to get back to the topic!!
I've heard about people getting banned on TMV, and coming back. Wouldn't this server be amazing, if someone got banned and they actually play on the server after they got banned?
Yes! It is a magical force that pulls us in here. Of course it is. But don't you think we're the ones choosing to stay here?
I've seen many people (including me) saying that they will leave the server. But they yet haven't.
Think of it. If you owned a server, you'd want to make it good, right? Everyone does. But Matt is one (out of a million) to make a good server. He has worked the magic of being a good Owner Very Happy
Yes, he does deserve more, like much more players, and stuff like that. But not like the other Owners, he doesn't ask for the things he deserves. But I wonder, what is the purpose of sitting in front of the computer, staring at the server all day? The answer is, TO HAVE FUN! It's the whole idea! I hope you know that, because if you didn't, then you don't know how to have fun! I love this server as much as you do. Yes, you! YOU there! Yeah you! YES, you there!!
Can you believe people actually just come on the server, get welcomed, and just leave? When that happens, I think to myself, "Those people should've stayed longer! For the real fun to happen!"
I still wonder, what else draws us into the community other than the nice people?
Don't you think there is more?
Though I miss the people that were here a long time ago, some of my friends are starting to come back, so I'm glad. I... have moved several times so I've lost my friends alot... So I wouldn't want to lose more friends...
Don't you think the trollers that try to troll the server, are trying to make their life miserable by not actually playing on the server? Man, if I had a chance to talk to them without them ignoring me, I'd be, "Hey, bro, how about you just have fun here, instead of trying to TROLL?"
Overall, the server is amazing. I've even heard that some people got rid of massive depressions like, "wanting to suicide" by playing on the server! TMV, probably made people change in a good way, and a bad way, too. But from my experience, though people be mean, they still want to have a good time on the server.
I've said what I've wanted to say.
This sounded like an essay... so I'll end it here.

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Did you guys know that this took over 20 minutes to write? xD Gotta go now lol

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