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What Would Be The First Five Things You Would Do If You Got A Million Dollars?

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What would be the first five things you would do if you got a million dollars?

Mine is,

1. Help the poor
2. Get a better rank in TMV XD
3. Give some to my mom and dad lol
4. Buy all the minecraft toys there is...
5. Buy slushies!!

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1. Buy Tickets to see Josh and Matt/go anywhere
2. Get a good rank on TMV
3. get my own house
4. buy a bunch of things from gamestop and hot topic
5. buy a bunch of anime merch Very Happy

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1.Buy a mansion/Pay off mortgage
2. Buy a car
3. Help parents
4. Retirement
5. Better rank on TMV

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1. Pay off loans
2. Donate to supporting charities
3. Visit people I'm unable to visit now
4. Invest in a chauffeur

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1. Get Legend Rank
2. Buy Ice Cream and slushies
3. Buy Every kind of Make-up supplies
4. Help the poor
5. Buy the mall

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Buy the mall? woah xD

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The Mall is a pretty big dream y'know xD but yea xD

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Ik that's why I want it xD

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lol I guess you like the mall

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Duh!!! XD

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I don't. I don't like how my mom always nagging me to try on clothes and she's like, "only this one" when there's a pile more than 20 clothes...

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I like picking Mt own clothes out and she trays to make me pit clothes on that look like they are from 1000

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Woah XD

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buy the mall. you get stuff for free yo...

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But what if it's a crappy mall, and it costs more than 1mil ?!

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You own it.... you can fix it up

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Business is not easy

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yaaa but if you have the money to buy a mall you clearly have enough money to do good business

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A mall is very expensive

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I guess

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