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Book Lovers <3 (Book Suggestions)

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1 Book Lovers <3 (Book Suggestions) on Wed Apr 06, 2016 3:13 pm

Hello Everyone. i realized that there isn't any things on here about books so i thought why not make a book suggestion topic

Right now i am reading a brand new book series that just came out not that long ago called Cinder. It's About Cinderella But as a robot. so far i'm 100 pages into the book and i'm enjoying it a lot! So i really Recommend This Book Series if your a Sci-fi/Fairy Tale Lover. It's like mixing Cinderella With Star Wars And The Terminator.

Another Book Series I Recommend Is Called The White Rabbit Chronicles (My Favorite Book Series) It's About Alice In The Wonderland But Mashed up with Zombies. and a different life style. There are 4 books in the series tons of drama tons of romance. xD So if your in too any of that. then you should check it out!

if i find anymore books i really love and recommend i'll post them here

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2 Re: Book Lovers <3 (Book Suggestions) on Wed Apr 06, 2016 3:43 pm

A few good suggestions to read are Moby Dick,The Hatchet,And The Hunger Games series

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3 Re: Book Lovers <3 (Book Suggestions) on Wed Apr 06, 2016 3:44 pm

I'll keep those in mind.

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4 Re: Book Lovers <3 (Book Suggestions) on Sat Apr 09, 2016 6:44 pm

ooo! Corp I love The Hatchet.
I recommend
Wings Of Fire
The Familiars
Wolves of the Beyond
The Giver
The Secret Garden
Dragon Keeper
The City of Ember
^w^ most of these are pretty much grade 5-7 books x_x but they're really good Razz

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