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Random Converstation!!!!!!!!! xD (see what i did there)

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So I wanted To just make a topic on here to get people active Cause sadly it doesn't look like anybody is really that active on here anymore SO LET'S GET THIS ROLLING!!!!

Questions: (You can do them also)

Favorite Food: Don't Have One....

Favorite Drink: Again Don't Have one xD I'm a boring human i know

Favorite Movie: It Would have to beeee Either Big Hero 6 Or Pixels! You should really check them out

Favorite Band: I have to many.... lol But My favoritttte would have to beeee Either Black Veil Brides Or Sleeping With Sirens..... (Rock Lover)

Favorite Youtuber: TheMattVid Of Course!!! xD 2nd Would most likely be House_Owner

Favorite Song: Don't Really Have One... To Many i love...

Favorite Video Game Other Then Minecraft: Again I have way to many..... So Uh Yeah lol

Future Job: Game Designer (RPG's)

So Yeah you can do this also you can take the same questions and answer them just like me Smile

(Had To Repost XD Put this on the wrong thing LOL Woops)

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Hi Ali. I see what you did there.
Just me or Random Conversation is really getting popular, and nothing serious is happening XD life rolls on like that I guess XD

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