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xXMrSterlingXx Chat Moderator Application

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1 xXMrSterlingXx Chat Moderator Application on Thu Feb 11, 2016 2:00 pm

IGN: xXMrSterlingXx

First Name: Sterling

Experience: I have actually been mod on many servers. Unfortunately they are now closed and they never did become very successful as the owner has no experience. I moderated two skyblock servers, one called Skyblock Adventure and another called only Skyblock. I also modded a creative server for a very short time before it was closed. It was called KameronCreative. You may be able to find the remnants of these servers on google but it will take some serious searching. Laughing


Why would you be a better moderator than many other people?--Let me be clear. Although I deeply understand the "science" or "natural order" Laughing of the inevitable problematics that come with hosting a server and having to responsibly deal with them, I scarcely find the self control to hold my tongue when I am pushed to the limit. That being said, I am not an unreasonable man. I do understand how to logically and intuitively deal with a situation. I came across the channel "TheMattVid" some time ago and was interested in the server that you advertised on your channel. I immediately saw the potential in the server and wanted to become a staff member for I saw it as more of a responsibility/duty rather than an opportunity to be in a position of power. I wanted to help out because I knew that with the right help, the server could take off. I am a skeptic though, so i took quite a bit of time to watch your videos and check out the server. After many MANY weeks of checking up on things, I made up my mind. Although this may only seem like a lengthy ramble, it does have something to do with the application. Smile Because I have thoughtfully spent my time studying the server rather than rushing to apply for moderator to get into a position of power, I would make the perfect candidate for a "partner/help" if you will. I do think that i have what it takes to give this server the push that it needs to take off. I am mature, logical, intellectual, patient, and VERY fair. I am disgusted at lack of fairness which makes me, by default, a very good moderator candidate.

What qualities does a good staff member have?--As I listed above, there are really only five key qualities that a moderator SHOULD have. Maturity, logic, intellect, patience, and fairness. (Perhaps six things if you count knowledge of the server and commands thereof). I do believe that i posses those qualities. Thank you for taking the time to read my application! Please do consider me for the position. Very Happy

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2 Re: xXMrSterlingXx Chat Moderator Application on Thu Mar 17, 2016 9:37 pm

Amazing application sterling! Good luck on becoming a part of the staff team!

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