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TheCreepyRabbit's Application

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1 TheCreepyRabbit's Application on Thu Dec 31, 2015 4:24 pm

Minecraft In-Game Name: TheCreepyRabbit

First Name: Harry

- Was moderator on Prison Inc (Server shut down)
- Was Co-Owner (promoted from head-admin) on Unknown Crafters
- Was moderator on Cursocraft (Server shut down)
- Was Moderator on ClashMC (Server shut down)
- Admin on UberMC
- I do not currently own any servers

1- I would make a better moderator than other people because I am quite experienced in playing and commands and I can give as much time as I can into developing the server upwards (including maybe making YouTube videos and Twitch streams) . I am good with people and am quite friendly and nice so people will be happy an encouraged to play if there were nice staff members playing. I am also quite strict on enforcing rules, which is very useful, especially when there are cheaters and rule breakers around. When someone tries to fight against the staff, I fight back much harder. I will not stop until every troublesome being is eradicated which is another good reason why I would be a better moderator than some others. My final reason why you should accept my application is that while I may seem almost blind, I am actually quite observant. I can spot an anomaly or new thing quite quickly which is a useful skill in-game, and on the forums.

2- Qualities of a good staff member include:
- Being kind and friendly to other people and encouraging them to stay on the server
- Enforcing rules when the time comes and giving some people what they deserve when they break them.
- Being serious and mature with the power they have been given and not using the rank for personal gain or to boast to friends.
- Being an active player on the server, and on forums.
- Being loyal to the owner and other staff member, following every task given and not betraying the fellow staff member.
- Not letting any difficult task stop them in their tracks. Although some hard things may come, a good staff member will not let anything beat them.

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2 Re: TheCreepyRabbit's Application on Fri Mar 11, 2016 10:31 pm

Great application Rabbit! Good luck anyways.

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