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SuNNiFox2's Application Form for Staff in Tmv.Zone

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Minecraft In-Game Name: SuNNiFox2 (Formerly known as crimond_600)

First Name: Amber


Currently I have not lost a staff position.

Server(s): Volcano KitPvP, Staff Position(s): Builder

I do not own a server.


Question 1:Why would you be a better moderator than many other people?
I suppose I would be a better moderator than many other people because, I have the dedication to handle the job, and try my best to be a fun, but mature staff member, to encourage others to be on their best behaviour. And I will try to be a great rolemodel for the players on the server. I am aiming for a staff title where I can build or help to add to the server.

Question 2:What qualities does a good staff member have?
The qualities that a good staff member has is to be respectful to everyone, despite their differences, follow the own rules shown as if they were a ordinary player, be cooperative and helpful to everyone as much as possible, and to make sure to stay on task for whatever the issue may be occuring.
Thank you very much for reading and taking consideration to my application form, I am fine with whatever staff choice you think is right for me, and I am also fine as well if you do not choose me as staff, although I would really appreciate to have a part to help the server in a more bigger part. I hope you have a wonderful day and I know you will make the best decision of choosing. =)

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Good luck Sunni, I think you would be a good staff member

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Nice application sunny! Good luck on becoming staff!

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Ah, good ol' Sunni.

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