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Ziriox's Edited Application

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1 Ziriox's Edited Application on Wed Jul 29, 2015 10:14 pm

Message: I want to help all of the people in thier needs as a chatmod/staff member

First Name: Braden

Experience: None. Once, Co-Owner. Also Went Down.

Question #1: Im Am Good at handing arguing,And Breaking rules than other chatmods. I am cool, Dont harass people, But sometimes i get angry, just sometimes. Sometimes people over react, but i help the people fighting. I would be nice as a chatmod, and stop fights and say to calm down and at least give 3 warnings before i punish. I wont be disrespectful to people if they offend me. I would Punish them or say stop and if they dont i would start muting.

Question #2: A good staff member has very good qualities, And helps the other players if they need help or call staff that someone is being mean or breaking the rules, For Example,
Player091 needed help because someone was being mean, and Chatmod091 would react and tell the player being mean, Dont be disrespectful, Thats your first warning Badguy197. So i would be the good chatmod in that simple explanation. Another Quality a good staff member should have is loyalty. they should be loyal to the owner,player, and etc. If the chatmod would tell a player they give them something, they'd Stay loyal and give it to them. Or if the owner told me to ban someone i'd stay loyal and ban them. and not ignore the owner.
Goodbye. Cool

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