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Maria899649's Application.

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1 Maria899649's Application. on Sat Jul 04, 2015 3:57 pm

My IGN is: Maria899649

My real name is: Maria.

Experience: I have two staff experiences.
1. Blockout Prison. It was a prison server that I was guard on. I was guard for about 3 months on it until it got shut down a while ago.
2. The server was just starting so there was no official name, it was pretty much just a bunch of numbers. It got shut down because the owner was not responsible enough. I was admin.

Question 1. Why would you be a better moderator than many other people?

Being a good ChatMod is about being nice and helpful. One thing you don't wanna do is overuse your power and mute random people. I think I am responsible enough for this position, and am good at being patient in tough times. I know to give warnings, and not just mute people without saying anything. I know SkyBlock and prison pretty well, and if there's anything new I have to learn, I am good at remembering things and figuring out how to do stuff, even on my own. I have always been good at coming up with solutions fast and easy in stressful times, and will try to support and represent the server as best as I can.

Question 2. What qualities does a good staff member have?

Good qualities of a staff member is not something everyone has, but I think I got what it takes.

1. Responsibility. Being responsible is very important when your any type of staff member. You have to take responsibility for your actions, and your mistakes. And when you promise a player to do something, do it. You also have to remember it's your responsibility what goes on in the chat/ the server. Not depend on other players to MSG you when something wrong.

2. Honesty/Trustworthy. Being honest is one of the most important things you can be. Like I said in responsibility, you have to take blame for your own actions. If you saw someone doing something wrong, you must be honest about it. Even if that person is your best friend, or told you if you say anything that something bad will happen to you.

3. Loyalty. Being loyal is important as well. If you have to always make sure you got other staffs back when they need it. You need to be loyal to yourself, and others to make the server fun, and friendly.

4. Friendliness. While all those other things are super important, you must remember to be nice while doing it. Try to be as friendly as possible, to make the server more fun and happy to be on. When your friendly, it shows players that they can trust you, and ask you questions without getting yelled at or hurt. Friendliness attracts more players to hang on the server and chat with you. It helps you, and everyone else, have a much better time on the server. Just think what it would be like if all staff were grumpy and mean.

5. Goofyness! It's okay to fool around end make a joke. Being staff is not about being serious all the time. But you also must know your limits. And stop when the time is right. Serious when you must be, but silly and fun to be around too.

6. Last but not least, you must know the game! When your staff at a grocery store, you must know how the store works, and know your spot in the store. Minecraft staff is the same. You must know how the game works, so you can answer questions. You must also know commands, especially important ones.

I really hope I get this staff position, because I love MineCraft. And I love participating in MineCraft activities, such as this one. It's always such great joy to be staff. I hope you have a wonderful day! Very Happy

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