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Xxwild_tacoxX's ChatMod Application

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1 Xxwild_tacoxX's ChatMod Application on Mon Jun 15, 2015 3:37 pm

First Name: Alexander

I've been staff on 2 servers, and haven't gotten it tooken away yet

Servers that I am Currently staff on: 1, minecade

I don't own any servers, just apply and help it out

I am a unique person, i'm very mature, loyal, humble, and respectful. I'm nice and I will spread the word of this server. Also, I have experience with servers, so I would stand out. I am super smart and will definitely make an influence on this server. I would answer questions, be helpful.
That's why I would be chosen over others.

The qualities of a Moderater are important, that would include always being helpful, answering questions 24/7, great grammar, and spelling, and being loyal and mature.

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