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Applying for the highest rank

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1 Applying for the highest rank on Sun Jun 14, 2015 9:45 pm


staff exp:

the servers i was in staff were Ninjacraft, MosterHelpers, Luckcraft
server am staff on; StarWars, minicraft, Citycraft.
UberMinecraft, skyblock,

I would be better staff then other player:

alots of people perm mute people like if someone was a fast typer and a mod saw him he says why are you spamming and then he says im not spamming and the mod perm mutes him, and so that is so mean people keep on doing that but it sad why dont thry feel how said it is Neutral.

A good member have to be helpful and joyful to other players that are know and tell them welcome
and nice to other player and tell them what is there problem and fix the gltichs and bugs and Mostly ban hackers because noone likes hacker expt for the hackers cuz they are the ones use are hacking, but for the mute is going to be for 2 or 3 mins but for maddness spam 30 mins. i will tell my friends and my friend friends to join you and help out with the server.

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