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Minecraft Skyblock dragonscale13's Application

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First Name: Tanner

Servers I've Been Staff On: None

Servers I'm Staff On Now: None

Servers I Own: None

Why Id Be A Better Moderator That Others: I am online most of my time and I answer questions accurately and detailed.

Qualities A Good Staff Member Needs: A good staff member needs to answer questions in detail so players can understand the staff member. They also need to be able to deal with rule breakers in the server.

Reasons I Would Be Best To Represent This Server: I promise I will participate in most topics and activities. I will put a link to your channel in my in-game chats. (I already Subscribed) I am friendly to all and I have lots of friends especially on factions servers.

Please take it into consideration on making me a Skyblock Moderator Very Happy

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