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gibbson3's application!

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1 gibbson3's application! on Sat Apr 04, 2015 6:38 pm

Hello everyone, welcome to my staff application.
Before I begin, I want to say a few things.

Throughout my time in this community, I've changed. I learned, I observed. I've made many friends, and I want to thank everyone who supported me.
I've been here for quite a long time, and I enjoy every moment.
This community has changed my life, and again, I want to thank you all.

When I made my first staff application, I didn't think about what I'm doing. The responsibilities, the maturity and everything else you need to be a good helper.
I closed my application, and told everyone that I don't want to be a staff member anymore, and I didn't lie.
But now... Well, I do.
I want to help the community, the server and everything. I know I know, you don't have to be a staff member to help. But I feel like I can take a step forward.
So let's begin, shall we?

First Name: Jackson

Experience: Helper: Brutal Factions server. (I did retire though)
Admin: Medieval Realms.
Owner: Minedux Network
Owner Duxcraft Network
Owner Destined PvP
Co-Owner: MineGold Network
Helper: Nekrocraft
Helper: Minewake
Developer/Helper: Extronix Network

List the servers that you have been staff on, but that you are no longer staff on anymore including the position. (Just names. No IPs.) MineGold, Nekrocraft, Brutal Factions, Minewake, Extronus Network, UberCraft, Destined pvp

List the servers that you are staff on right now including the position. (Just names. No IPs.) I have been staff on many small servers and pretty big servers recently but i quit all my servers because this server I am applying for is the only server I want.

List all of the servers that you own right now. (Just names. No IPs.) I do not own any servers at the moment but I have been owner on 5 servers and all have averaged over 150 people.

Questions:I do not have any questions about the server because I know all about it already and I am ready to work for this server and work very hard as a staff.

Why would you be a better moderator than many other people? I joined the server a long time ago, I know how things work and how the staff members should act on the server.
Being a helper is a serious duty, and you have to work. I'll work as hard as I can to help.
I can be fun and playful when I play with my friends, but I also can be mature and serious when it's needed.
I'm responsible, helpful, and fair. I will be fair both with my friends, and people I don't know. I'm usually patient, calm and emphatic.
The players who were chosen to be helpers want to help the server, they don't do it for the fame or for the power. They enjoy doing it. And it looks pretty fun to me!

What qualities does a good staff member have? Qualities about a good staff member is just different for everyone. Some people have the brains some people have the skills some people have other stuff. There are just different things for people that make them good to be a staff. You cant answer this question with 1 answer because there is more than one answer.

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