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abdullah01wod's chatmod application

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1 abdullah01wod's chatmod application on Sun Feb 15, 2015 11:20 am

Minecraft In-Game Name:abdullah01wod

First Name:Abdullah

List the servers that you have been staff on, but that you are no longer staff on anymore including the position. fedrealgaming i was a trusted member (Just names. No IPs.)

List the servers that you are staff on right now including the position. (Just names. No IPs.) none currentley

List all of the servers that you own right now. (Just names. No IPs.)
i dont own and servers

Why would you be a better moderator than many other people?
I wanna help people and would like to stop spamming advertiseing for other servers on are server and improve try to resolve issues and help people peacefully not to abuse powers be fair and resolve problems with out muting but if neccesary i well

What qualities does a good staff member have?
Respect,kindness,Tolerance of any religon race etc.. so they can treat people fairly commonsense and litsening to higher mods and the owner

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