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robot6511's ChatMod application

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1 robot6511's ChatMod application on Sat Feb 14, 2015 10:31 pm

Minecraft In-Game Name: Robot6511

First Name: Tristan

List the servers that you have been staff on, but that you are no longer staff on anymore including the position. (Just names. No IPs.)
Evo Pvp,

List the servers that you are staff on right now including the position. (Just names. No IPs.)

List all of the servers that you own right now. (Just names. No IPs.)
I host my own server for only my friends and I.

Why would you be a better moderator than many other people?
In order to be a good ChatMod you cant be so stricked that people don't even want to talk to you. If that happens people will stop playing the server. Im a really funny and nice a guy so people will like m and the server! Don't get me wrong at some times you have to enforce rules and I will be prefect for that because I can enforce rules and not be to, too stricked with it! Im really familiar with the server and im sure their not to much I cant help other players out on the server with so im happy to help ANY player that needs it.

What qualities does a good staff member have?
A good staff member cant be really harsh but have to enforce the rules when it come down to that time. Also they listen to the boss AKA Matt on anything he says! Helps out ANY player in need of ANY-thing!

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