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GoldenMario1234's Staff Application

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1 GoldenMario1234's Staff Application on Mon Jan 26, 2015 7:58 pm



I was an admin on a server called Toxic Kingdom. It is not running anymore. I do have experience with being staff. I am staff on no other server and I do not own any.

I would be a better moderator than many other people because I will stay active on the server. I will be very smart and wise with how I act and the server and encourage others to not act disrespectfully. I will see to stop anyone who is not having the proper use of the server rules. Even though there aren't any I imagine things like inappropriate and giving out ip's are bad.

A good staff member has good qualities like being on the server most of the time and staying very attentive to the forums and server. They should not abuse any powers they could be given. Staff should be respectful to others along with them enforcing the rules that players should act the same.

Thank you for reading my application.


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