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pinkcxfloyd's Staff application

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1 pinkcxfloyd's Staff application on Mon Dec 15, 2014 6:47 pm

Hi Smile, my minecraft username is pinkcxfloyd and my name is Savanah, im 15 years old and im a girl.

I have been playing minecraft for 7 years now Smile.
I have had a lot of experience with being staff on minecraft servers (Owner, admin, mod, ect.).

I understand all rules and regulations of a proper minecraft server.
-No swearing
-No Mods/Hacks
-Respect all Players and staff
-No Advertising

I am currently not a staff on any minecraft server.
I would like to be a staff on the server because having a great community like this one is very nice. I think i would be a great staff member because i can handle situations pretty good. I know how to use world edit and commands. I have good friendship/relationship with community and owner. I make right desicions and i do not grief, troll ect. I love minecraft, and i hope minecraft loves me back Smile

Thanks for reading my application Smile

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