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How to be a HUGE help to TheMattVid!

If you want to help TheMattVid and TMV.ZONE to grow and thrive, you have come to the right place! Here, you can learn how! If you do even just one of these things, it will help out a lot. The more, the better!

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I enjoy making videos for my channel and I especially love it when I saw that many people were entertained by them. The problem is that videos don't spread themselves. Here's what you can do if you enjoy the videos:
- Subscribe
- Like
- Favorite
- Leave nice and constructive comments
- Share the videos on Facebook and other websites

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Facebook is a very popular website, so it can be a helpful tool to spread information. You can do these things to help out:
- Like the page
- Like the posts
- Share the posts

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Twitter is another popular way to spread information. You can do these things on there:
- Follow
- Retweet

Planet Minecraft:
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Planet Minecraft is one of the most popular websites for Minecraft players. You can do these actions if you want to support the server:
- Give a diamond (if you like the server)
- Favorite (if it's your favorite server)
- Vote

This is the #1 method for helping out! The most common way servers spread is when friends tell other friends about the server.
- Spamming does not work! Although it may get a few new players, it will also bring many more trolls and angry people. That's because most people don't like spammers and won't trust servers that are spammed.
- Advertising on other servers doesn't work because most people are already playing on a server because they like it. Most people committed to one server usually don't want to try out another. Even when they do, they usually end up having a hard time separating from their first server.
- Instead, invite friends and other people you already know to join the server. It's effective because they trust you and are more likely to join a server where they already know someone!
- What if you don't know anyone to invite to the server? You can always make friends with people at other places and then invite them to the server.
- You can also come up with other ways to get people to find the server that aren't on this list. The possibilities are endless!