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June Sun Rank Contest!!!

Every month I give away a free [Sun] rank to one dedicated TMV player! The winner keeps the rank for 1 month. You can still participate, even if you already have rank Sun or higher! You can choose to give the rank to someone who finished in the top 15 in the contest if you don't want it yourself.

How can I win?
The winner is the user with the most points!

How do I get points?
There are a few ways you can easily get points! All of the methods are listed below.

Method 1: Active Player
Points: 1 point for every hour
Description: Earn points just for spending time on the server! You can get tons of points by being an active player!

Method 2: Recruit New Players
Points: 1 points per player
Description: Get new players onto TMV.ZONE! In order to get these points, you must get the new players to tell TheMattVid that you were the one who brought them over. Don't use alternate accounts.

Method 3: Recruit Active Players
Points: 3 points per player
Description: If those new players you recruit stay on the server for more than a week, you really helped the server to grow! Therefore, you win a big extra reward! TheMattVid will automatically keep track of this, so you don’t have to remind him. So, make sure you only recruit people who really want to play and not just people who will come on for a few minutes and leave forever.

When does the competition end?
This competition closes at June 30th 11:59 PM EDT.

How else can I help the server?
There are plenty of more ways listed below that you can help TMV.ZONE to grow and thrive! Although these methods can’t get you points in the competition, they are very useful. They are all optional, but I would highly appreciate your support!

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